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Teknomatik belt oil skimmers have been designed for quick removal of oils that contaminate various working fluids.

The unit is installed directly on the tank.

  • The equipment has been designed for tanks, machining tool trays and wash stands.
  • Its purpose is to remove oil from emulsions and cutting fluids.
  • The recovered oil can be collected in separate drums.

  • The belt is resistant to oils and contaminants.
  • Extended life and easy cleaning. Made in stainless steel, grade 304.
Cleaning makes the cutting fluids and machining tools more durable and optimizes the work conditions

  • The equipment includes an external body, immersed elements and a belt.
  • The working element is a polyethylene belt (resistant to oils).
  • The upper roller is driven by a motor and the bottom roller is hung on the skimming belt, immersed in the fluid being cleaned.
  • The external part is installed above the tank. It includes a drive, control cabinet, driving roller and wipers.
  • The oil-immersed part includes a roller that controls belt tensioning and guiding.
  • The distance between the fluid surface and the unit does not impact unit performance.
  • The electrical control ensures safe operation of the unit. In accordance with the applicable standards, the unit is equipped with a safety switch and electrical protections.
  • The maximum height of oil transport is 3m.
  • On customer’s request, the unit can be provided with an inverter for stepless speed control.
Type OP100/500 OP100/1000 OP230/500 OP230/1000
Capacity [l/h] 15 15 35 35
Motor rating [W] 90 90 120 120
Supply voltage 230V 230V 230V 230V
Net price €1480 €1510 €2490 €2520

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